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At, we believe that crypto currency is the next step in the evolution of payments and value storage. It allows parties to not only transfer value to one another, but to avoid the unnecessary and typically high transaction costs of traditional intermediaries. The block chain technology that crypto currency is based on opens new horizons for society, communities, businesses, governments, and NGOs. There are countless ways to apply block chain that will enable us to run social networks, banking, e-commerce, insurance, and many other services in a safe, more efficient, and decentralized way – without the need for a central operator or other intermediary. Block chain is interactive technology. It relies on participation. The very essence of the block chain is continuous cooperation between participants around the world. One of its key features is the continual verification of transactions. This is how crypto currency is “mined”. In exchange for participation in the verification of transactions, participants are granted a certain amount of newly-generated (“mined”) crypto currency. This is what will do for its Community on an unprecedented scale. At, we believe in turning sustainable green energy into crypto currency by means of crypto mining. Crypto mining is highly profitable when done on a large scale basis and it is essentially turning electricity into digital assets. In today’s environment, Crypto mining is done globally. What we offer is an eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable energy powered form of mega crypto mining, in an environmentally stable country We have the professionals in each of their fields working together to enhance earnings by Improvement of both software and hardware. We aim to create products that has cash flows Generated in every aspect, thus allowing a very financially sound ecosystem, with our ultimate goal of being to create a crypto currency. - a new virtual development concept in which cryptocurrency extracted using a total processing power, which we offer, working in a remote location. Instead of buying equipment for the production and manage it yourself, you get the power to rent a certain yield and 100% regular returns, provided by the company. All production processes are performed completely without any problems, all the work is done by our data center. We share our experience and success with our customers and partners. Data center .

1. A few years ago the cryptocurrency market especially the bitcoin market is experiencing a bearish market, how does keep bitcoin mining running?

2. The need for the latest technology is to mine cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. how does settling with this?
1. Based on the data from, the longest bearish market of bitcoin in this few years is more than 1 year and recovering at a higher price, this has made the does Team conduct in-depth research to overcome various obstacles, especially costs for electricity needs. We agree will use our expertise to overcome this, we will make annual electricity payments to keep the mine running. Many small miners only use bitcoin that they get to pay for their electricity needs, with the consequence they don't get incentives from their mining output, and eventually they stop mining. It should be noted that we have a professional team in managing very difficult conditions though, because our goal is as a long-term miner.

2. Now that we have partnered with the mining giant bitmain the company continues to release the latest innovations from their mining technology, does will always upgrading the mining machine at any time to adjust the needs of the mine in the future to get the ideal mining conditions. are opening a new world of mining to our investors.

We believe that everyone should benefit from the mining and be able to have access the newest technologies and large scale industrial data centers from your laptop or mobile phone.

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